Echo Hospice empowers people to be active participants in their hospice and healthcare journey. We accomplish this through individualized and unique care planning, providing support and education for informed decision making. We feel privileged to be a part of your journey by respecting the decisions you make along the way. We understand that people are more than just a diagnosis or disease, therefor we offer a holistic approach to care, centered around the mind, body and spirit. Our belief is that life is an Echo. What you send out, comes back. Radiate and give love and compassion, and love and compassion will return to you.

Your care team consists of:

  • RN Case Managers
  • Field Nurses
  • Certified Home Health Aides
  • Pharmacist
  • Social Workers
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Volunteers
  • Physicians
  • You

We empower you by:

  • Providing education
  • Preparing you for your healthcare journey
  • Living for each day and making it count
  • Respecting your decisions and wishes
  • Creating a care plan with you

Hospice is:

  • About you and your loved ones
  • Not a place, but instead a philosophy that embraces the outlook that each day is precious and should be treated as such
  • Designed to meet your healthcare goals in your home. Your home is wherever you live and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Collaborative in nature and communicates with your other care providers
  • Focused on symptom management and quality of life, so all of your moments matter
  • About feeling emotionally and spiritually supported

Your Hospice benefit includes:

  • Visits by your hospice team as determined by your care plan
  • Medications related to your hospice diagnosis will be provided at no cost, in most cases those are delivered to your home
  • Four levels of care:
    1. Routine home care
    2. Respite care (5 days of caregiver relief)
    3. General inpatient hospice (to meet higher acuity needs while managing symptoms that can’t be managed at home)
    4. Continuous care (to meet higher acuity needs within your home setting)
  • Medical equipment focused on comfort and safety
  • Medical supplies related to your hospice diagnosis
  • Personal care assistance focused on maintaining dignity, safety and promoting independence
  • 24/7 access to our triage nurse to address emergencies and changes in condition
  • The right to revoke hospice services at any time
  • Choose whichever hospice provider you feel a connection with
  • Trained volunteers committed to making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Bereavement services for 13 months
  • Hospice care with no out of pocket expenses to the patient or family (hospice is a covered benefit under Medicare and most insurance plans)

To get Echo Hospice services started:

  • We obtain a physicians order to evaluate the need for hospice care
  • The patient has a life-limiting diagnosis
  • The patients healthcare goals align with comfort and symptom management versus curative care
  • The patient understand and elects use their hospice benefit

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